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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

KaiCo VPA Virtual Assistants for Hire

Triple Infinity Creations presents 2 Sides 2 the Story by C.C.Downer & A.Locker

If you read my blog on 22nd November you must have read the sneak peak from my release "2 Sides 2 the Story" - soon to be released under Triple Infinity Creations. Can I say excited! YEA BABY!! 

I thought I would give you another peak at the moment I'm contemplating giving you some more of Tracy's story ..... hmmm .... yea I think I should :)  Since I'm in a sharing mood let me give you the entire 1st chapter.... how does that sound folks?? 

Happy reading.....

Story 1: Tracy & Antoine


“Hey Tracy” Adding some bass to my already baritone, I laid the seduction on through the phone. “Hey Boo! What's good?” “Nothing just sitting here and thought I’d give you a bell.” Guys, you know we always have to make these ladies feel special. When really I was kicking back on my own, boredom had got the best of me. Tracy was probably the fifth or sixth girl I had called today. All my links were busy.  “That's nice of you!” Tracy replied I could hear the smile in her voice. “What you doing later?” “Nothing!” she said excitedly “You fancy coming down?” Picturing her eyes lighting up I thought of her full lips on my manhood. “Ok cool!” “See you about 9.30”. Just like that the conversation ended.
‘Tracy, Tracy, Tracy….Wow I'm in troubleeee. I enjoy fucking Tracy but damn I struggle to keep up with her, plus she talked too much and was trying to catch feelings. ‘Come on Antoine, you know you can handle her.’ I said to myself as I paced up and down the length of my penthouse preparing for what I knew was going to be a long night. ‘Fuck it! I'm gonna do me, if she ain't happy after, she can fuck off. I got many more numbers to ring’.
Picking up the magazine that had been delivered this morning, I read the article about my portfolio. “Professional Athlete, 6’1, with a lean chiselled muscular frame. His intense smoky green eyes will strip you of all inhibitions. Guess what ladies he’s single….” Laughter erupted from deep within my chest as I remembered the journalist, and the way she was ready to pounce on me. The pictures to go with the caption were a face shot, a picture of me in a crisp white suit and the centrefold being a portrait of my naked profile from the back exposing my most recent ink, angel wings.  Reclining on the couch remote in hand I flipped on the recording of my most recent track meet, studying and preparing for my next performance.  

Two hours later…..
Buzz, buzz! The intercom system rang, “Hello?” “Mr Greene, there’s a lady by the name of Tracy here to see you” “Thanks Diana, send her up” disconnecting the call I looked in the hall mirror and inspected my appearance. I was wearing a grey fitted shirt, with a dark grey pair of Armani jeans, my bare feet freshly creamed exposing my neat manicured toes, my bald dome shiny, a final squirt of Invictus aftershave, I smiled at myself. ‘Looking good Toine, looking good’   Tracy knocked once before she realised the front door was open. “Hey you, looking good as usual,” Tracy complimented, as she stepped in wearing a red knee length mac, a pair of red thigh high boots. “Thanks babes” I smiled, kissing her on the cheek, my imagination running wild, I couldn’t wait to see what she wasn’t wearing underneath her jacket.
I escorted her into the spare room. Don’t shake your head and keep your comments to yourself. The only reason she was even in the penthouse is because I was feeling too lazy to leave the house. Sheeeeit not everyone gets to enter the playroom where all the magic happens.
We sat on the edge of the bed. “Fancy a drink?” I asked “Sure” “What do you fancy?” With a seductive look and a pout of her lips she replied “’Toine juice!” Tracy is one horny female. I laughed as she dropped to her knees, releasing the zip and tugged my lengthening cock from the confinements of my jeans. Her wet lips swallowed me whole taking me straight to the back of her throat.
“Damn Tracy, easy you’re gonna make me cum.” I groaned fighting the urge as my eyes rolled back in my head. “No you won't” Tracy said as she continued to work her magic on my pulsating wood. Her deep throat action was second to none. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I felt those first waves of spunk creeping up my dick.  “Aww aww aww shitttttttt!” Unable to hold it back anymore I watched my spunk shoot out all over her face.
I know, I know, what can I say I needed to bust my load and the way her lips worked, it really was an A* for technique and style.
“You gonna fuck me now babe?” Tracy asked, too calmly, the look on her face looked like she was struggling to maintain her niceness. “Yes babes, just let me get my energy back”. The look on Tracy's face was scary; she looked like she wanted to rip me another ass hole. She sat on the edge of the bed, stroking her cunt. My eyelids were heavy; I tried to watch as I lay my head on the pillow with a smile of contentment on my face. However that release of weight was like a drug.  
I felt Tracy undo the buttons on my shirt, the warmth of her naked flesh on my chest, she ran her tongue up and down my washboard abs. “Babe don't tell me you’re fucking snoring?” Tracy shouted. “No! Don’t be stupid just resting my eyes.” I replied half opening one eye and looked at her. Little did she know I was out for the count and had no intentions of rising anytime soon! The last thing I remembered was the sound of the front door slamming shut and Tracy telling me to delete her number. “Fuck you” I said to the empty apartment. “There are so many willing to take your place. So many more where you came from,” I slurred as I passed out

"Hey Max, girl you'd never believe who just called me?" I was so excited "David, Mark?" Maxine quizzed me, jumping on my excitement "Nah Hun, Antoine!" "Antoine? …..Wow" disbelief twanged her voice "Yea thick dick, green eyed Antoine! You know the one with the body that will make your mama sing" I chuckled "Oh yea." She replied "So anyway, he's like you wanna come over? I’m like fuck it yea I’m on my way. Last time we fucked it wasn't too bad, he’s an early racer, but the ride was tight. So after a hot soak, fresh nail polish on my toes, I fixed my hair and got dressed. I put on my red mac and fuck me boots.” “Oh shit you went in” she chuckled “It’s been a while since I had felt a thick dick, my body was in desperate need of some.”  I explained, I walked into my kitchen and poured myself a glass of Pinot.
“Two hours later, I’m knocking on his door. His eyes practically popped out his head.” “Oh yea” Maxine snickered. “He tried to play it cool. I backed his ass up, dropped his pants. That thick head was bobbing and weaving.” I paused for effect and imitated Antoine’s actions.  “Ummp ummmp ummmm. Damn girl, it’s been a while stop teasing me, what happened next?” I fought to keep the laughter out of my voice. “So I’m giving him a BJ ... less than 5 minutes later...” “No T, don’t tell me!” “Girl, he’s bitching and yelling awww awww shit I'm cumming! He hit that falsetto!” No longer able to maintain my composure I fell out in hysterics.

 “I’m like WHAT THE FUCK! Ahh hell nah! You best hold that shit back. Girl one more lick and he was done. Straight shooting that load all over his stomach!" I was laughing so hard my sides were hurting. 

“Whaaaaaaaaaat! HAHAHAHA, T you gotta be kidding me. There is no way, Mr Superstar athlete is a minute man?" "Girl, that’s not even the worst of it. I let that slide for a couple minutes. I look over at him, the man's out cold snoring like the orient express. Shit I hadn’t even got undressed. I picked up my purse. Told his ass to delete my number and slammed that fucking door." Shaking my head at the memory of Mr Antoine ‘I’m a super star athlete’ Greene. “Maxine, I was so mad, all now my vjayjay is on fire” My sides are hurting from laughing so hard. Maxine had tears streaking down her face “Girl these pretty faces, smooth talking limp dick dudes are too busy faking it to make it.” “Then they wonder why we ladies are resorting to battery operated toys.” “Hi-Five” We clapped our hands high in the air. I walked over to the entertainment unit, turned up the volume and started dancing. Maxine caught on and we danced till the wine was finished and the music had us exhausted. 

Well folks what did you think? Would you like more? All feedback would be appreciated whether you liked it or not I'm really open to it. 

Look out for another sneak peak coming soon together with the release dates. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

2 Sides 2 da Story - a C.C & DreamWave Collaboration

As many of you know I am in the processing of releasing my work to the world.

Finally I've completed 2 Sides 2 da Story - Phase 2

Phase 3 is to get the cover printed and final edits/proof reading hopefully both of which will be completed by 1 December 2013 ready to be submitted to Amazon & Nook as an ebook. The first couple hundred copies will be released FREE of Charge so make sure you get your copy first.

In the meantime here's a snippet from the book of short stories. HAPPY READING

I sat listening to some slow jams, the room lit with candles; the ambiance had my body yearning for some attention. I’d been playing with myself for nearly an hour but just couldn't get satisfied. My phone vibrated the picture of a big dick flashed up, Ice Cube's ‘You can do it’ began playing. Smiling I left the phone to ring. Jumping in the shower with thoughts of the fun I was about to have. Once I was out the shower moisturised my hot sensitive skin with some coconut oil, dabbed Hugo Boss on my delicate areas. Now I can return Mr Big Dick back. Oblivious to most of the conversation all I heard were the most important words “I’m on my way”. I prepared the room for the evening’s entertainment. Sending his photo in a message to my girl-friend with the message simply put “11”. We had a special code for situations like this and I knew she would understand.
Within minutes the door was knocking. The sounds of confident footsteps climbing the stairs travelled to my play room. The doorway filled with 200lbs of solid caramel muscle, I couldn’t help but smile. I eyed Mr Big Dick, aka Mark, as his confident grin exposed his dimples I took my big nipple in my mouth and licked it like a lollipop my eyes never leaving his. A cough jerked my attention away from him, stepping into the room, allowing me to see behind him. My instant assessment of them was strong, medium, weak. Especially the one they called Mervyn. There’s no way that niggas ready for me. He lacked any form of strength, his disposition seemed that of an inexperienced boy in a grown man’s body. I walked naked across the room to Mark, pulled him by his shirt collar and led him to the bed, allowing them to enjoy my big ass as it jiggled with each step. I crawled onto bed, twerking my booty as I went along. I heard the collective gasp as I dropped into a full split and clapped my ass cheek.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

A journey

A journey begins with a single thought, followed by a single step with a left then right motion of your legs. Keep the momentum going.

Life is a huge journey full of ups and downs, potholes and smooth roads, never give up or lose sight of your destination even if you take a wrong turn, you can always get back on the right track. 

November 2nd 2013 the journey continues

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Light

I fell asleep last night,
I saw the light.
Shining bright
What a sight
I felt the glow
As I breathed real slow
A voice said to me
"Child of mine! Are you ok?"
I sighed before I cried
"I am truly blessed but
Deep inside I feel unrest
I need help to settle this turmoil so I ask you please
Let me breathe with ease."
"Child do sit and rest
Let me handle the stress"

As I sat I felt the warmth fill me from inside out
The storm within fizzled out
I began to scream and shout
"I have felt the power of peace and calm, please travel through my loved ones and shower them with your love and light.
Please bless them with your eternal grace, lace them with what they need, and take away that greed.
As gratitude I give you me
And all my faith is a reality.
I know it's done in your time not mine
So everyday I will shine"

"Child don't worry as long as you remember me in all your activity, there is no room for negativity.
You are protected"

I raised my hands as I cried
"Sometimes I know I have neglected
And done whats not expected,
I'm sorry if I've disrespected,
No harm was intended"

"Be still child,
I feel your heart,
Let go of the burdens
Learn your lessons
For free will is the ultimate choice
You have learnt many things on this journey
There is still more to come
Don't worry I am here with you
Just know your value."

I woke up and had to share, family do not spare
Life may not be easy
Over come the challenges
Know that we are protected as children of the light
Everything is within sight
Be blessed with a day better than yesterday,
Let today's actions be stepping stone for more greatness tomorrow.

Love peace and light
C.C. and the Royals
(Aka We 3)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

LUIE magazine Loving U Is Essential launching soon

Peace and Blessings one and all.

I have been truly blessed and given the opportunity to write for a new magazine and media company called LUIE an online experience for people of colour, which will be launching in the very near future to begin the process the facebook page has been set up. 

Click the link, like the page and prepare for the fresh and new experience. Sign up to be kept in the loop for LUIE boxes and tips, dedicated to our melinated people.  Share this broadcast with your friends and family.!/LovingUIsEssential?ref=m_notif&notif_t=like&__user=711012342

Peace and light... look out for my next bc very soon with the website link to this hot new magazine. 

One love
C.C. Downer
Creative Journalist for LUIE

Grass is greener

Sometimes the grass looks so green from across the motorway.
So lush and thick.
It calls for your attention it even smells divine.
So you pluck up the courage
To dodge traffic,
One thought,  tunnel vision
navigating amongst the oncoming traffic

Oh my mind the semi its coming hard down the middle
Quick run get to the central reservation
The air fragranced by the rich scent of nature leading me don't despair

Not far to go just 3 lanes
Im not going to choke,
can't trip or fall
gotta go straight
take a deep breath
psyche up that extra courage
One two three let's go...

To be continued

What is love?

They say when you love someone its not supposed to hurt.
They say when you love someone nothing else matters. 
They say if you love someone enough and they love you let them go and they will come back.
They say its better to have loved and lost rather than never having loved at all.
They say love doesn't come easy
They say love comes freely
They say love should be easy
They say love doesn't cheat
They say love is respectful and kind

How much of that is true?

For those of you with that special someone in your life that loves you dearly, respects you passionately and holds you close when the world comes crashing in. Enjoy appreciate and experience the variance of love.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Good day,

Reflect on the past, accept acknowldge, forgive and appreciate it. Look to the future, prepare for it, encourage and learn from it. Enjoy the present for the past has gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

So love and respect thy self before you look to anyone to do so. Forgive thyself for all the mistakes,  lack of judgement and abuse thy have put thyself through. Accept responsibility for allowing others to not treat thyself the way thyself should be treated.

Remeber if we do not treat thyself right how can we expect others to treat thy right?

So as I lay with my princess in my arms we send our love to everyone in our world. We also ask the Almighty Most High to send his angels to watch, guide and protect us in the Light of Blessings to heal thy wounds and thy minds and shine his light on our spirits. May your days be forever blessed.

Peace love and blessings
Cc and Kai

Friday, 12 April 2013

I can !I will !

My seasons are changing, I am rising, awakening to a level that is unknown, unfamiliar, exciting and exhilarating. My ever love for me, my family and our people is inspiring me to aspire to manifest change. I feel the desire to retire old thoughts, feelings and negative experiences. Actions, focus, dreams and goals without limits, without restraint, for I am capable of achieving everything.

It is not my destiny to be stagnant, to lack motivation, to allow any obstacles to get in my way. I am me, I love me, I love you, I love we, I love all of us!

Let us all plan for the future of the generations to follow us so they to can see there is absolutely nothing the cannot achieve for impossible does not exist it merely means I'm possible! I can do this! I will do this! I have done this!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Positive thoughts

For all of life's blessings we also receive hurdles and obstacles that will attempt to slow us down,  and even prevent us from appreciating,  accepting, acknowledging and actioning all of the blessings we have been given. 

So on thia day I thank the Ultimate and highest power for every blessing,  and every hurdle I have received throughout my life. The best of them is life it's self.

I am truly blessed in every aspect of the word and without the Almighty God (Allah) watching and guiding me sending my ancestors,  his guardians and angels to surround me with knowledge,  love and understanding I would not have these blessings.

Today I send a prayer to God to thank him not only for my life, my family, my friends, to my readers but also to the world. I ask him to awaken our people and to bring an end to the corruption, famine, wars and hate. To allow us all to see love, knowledge and respect for him and each other.

Amen, ameen, inshallah

No matter what our individual faith is as long as we praise the Ultimate and highest power the creator of all living things. I give my respect to all readers and I thank you for your time.

Peace love and light


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Positive love to all

Good morning beautiful people!

Today is a new day, a new blessing. As you go about your journeys think about how blessed you are to have life! You may experience challenges and obstacles think about the things you can change and forget the things you cannot. Detach yourself from all negative entities, thoughts and words. Embrace the gift of life, be appreciative and thankful for having the opportunity to breathe another breath. Give to the universe and those around you, simple smiles & compliments or a prayer blessing from the heart can go a long way.

So this morning I say to you all thank you for touching my world in whichever way you have. May you be blessed with health, love and clarity throughout your journeys.

One love.

C.C Downer

Monday, 18 March 2013

CC Downer sneak peak of Cassie"s story coming soon

I began creating the best book I may have ever written in my life to date. I believe so much that its actually worthy for the world to see.

Very soon I will post a sneak peak of the raw unedited sample it will be interesting to find out what people think.

... Look out for my creation coming soon.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day

We often take for granted what being a mother is really about,
we may even find that we scream and shout,
For those of us that have been blessed to have gone through 9 months of pregnancy,
We should really be grateful
For some of us haven't had the experience however that has stopped the mothering process.
As a woman we are gifted with the capability to, love, teach, support, to work hard, to cry hard, to provide in every way.
Whether we raised children of our own, or maybe brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers or children who were neglected by their own.
Lift up your light, celebrate, appreciate, acknowledge the challenges you've had.
There are no manuals, no instructions, no google,  on how to be a mother,  
It's a gift from above!
So let us embrace our role as women, love our family 24/7 365

Even on this mothering sunday,
We never get a break,
As we have mothers that we have to,
Acknowledge on this day.

I love my mum, without her where would I be, thank you for giving life to me, raising me, aiding me to be the woman i am today.

To my royals, thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to be the mother that you see. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

To all the angel mothers, grandmothers may you look down on your children and be proud.  Know the love is lost.

To all my sisters from another mother, my stepmom, godmom,  the women in my family, my  nonblood mothers, my friends, you are  phenomenal mothers, super women handling your business everyday, I love you all. Thank you for being a part of our world.

Love We3

Thursday, 7 March 2013

What's it all about?

According to the people around me I'm very attractive.  (Smile thanks, yes I do blush everytime) however I gotta get some stuff off my chest.

Now don't laugh maybe someone can shed some light on this. Especially my male readers.

Now being 5'7 with light caramel soft (yes my skin is soft like a baby's) with a big smile and dark brown eyes, my nose ain't too big or two small it just fits me for me. My body is under worked but far from slobby, I got a nice set of melons as ive heard them referred to, and nice legs.

Anyhoo now that you got a basic picture, and those thay know me feel free to correct me if im wrong. Click the button at the bottom of the page. As I was saying what I don't quite get is. Most men want a woman with an intellectual mind, an opinion and


BBQ Season is just around the corner....What will Meat Man Jones be preparing and inspiring on my grills

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Scream Tuesday

Scream Tuesday!!

Today I just feel like screaming,
In fact no doubt I think I will
Today I just feel like screaming
Even if its against my will
Today I feel like screaming
Then shouting and just letting it all out
Then I'm going to get on my knees

Dear lord as I kneel here humbly on my jelly legs, i thank you for my blessings big and small. I thank you for giving me air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. However right now I feel that feeling deep in the depth of my soul, so i'm here, im really here asking you,  praying for inner peace, clarity strength and the ability to achieve understanding of my current situation, of my future and letting go of all my past. I am a sinner have done so many wrongs but I ask you to forgive me as I humbly kneel before you, my almighty father to take away my problems as I hand them to you. I know there is nothing you can't do.

I ask you my almighty father to guide me, give me confidence in my actions and my words.

I also ask you to give my family,  friends and those I have yet to meet the strength the health and clarity to handle what is before them, behind them and all that they have to deal with.

With love in my heart and a head full of stress and pain I embrace you from within.


Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Mother's Fight

Tryin not to stress, tryin not to cry,  I ask myself why? So easy for people to say Don't worry I feel your pain Do you? Do you really? I try with all my might,  to look at things in a positive light.   Its not so simple There's people in worse situations Yes I know that But their problems are only for them to bear.   As I look at my baby Tears in his ears, Tubes from his hands, now to his toes He cries out, 'it stings, it burns, your hurting me" There's nothing I can do to take his pain away. 4 days we've been here Great ormond streets the best No we really are putting them to the test. With frustration, fear and anger, he screams punches and kicks. Part of me wants to give him two licks. I know its not his fault So I sit here and lock myself in a vault.   Its too much for me right now Watching him go thru this I know he's getting better I can see the difference already Its all about baby steps.   Home on monday The dr says, great thanks I can't wait. Then it dawns on me, He's still scratching out his skin Until he makes it bleed Grinding his teeth, I can hear them squeak There's not much we can do about that they say If we can get his eczema better he'll be ok.   I try with all my might, I say a prayer asking god Give me the strength to fight.   Its so easy to say I'm alright When deep down inside I'm thinking where am I? The keys in my pocket Too scared to put them in the ignition I feel like driving far, far away I can't do that my baby needs me   A single tear falls from my eye As I realise I better go back inside Back to reality back to pretending everythings alright. Can I really cope? I feel like a joke  

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rastickz needs support


Rastickz started writing lyrics at the age of 17, originally for the Grime and Garage scene. His real passion is his love for Reggae and Dancehall. After years of being around and working with his dad’s sound Article Vibes led me to focus my music career as a reggae rapper and singer, he have spent the past three years working on my craft in this direction. He is inspired by the late greats Bob Marley & Garnett Silk as well as international artists Bounty Killer, Nas & Damien Marley.
As a positive and conscious young man looking out at society today Rastickz established that the young and upcoming generation are lost and need positive inspiration and role models. He uses music to inspire and uplift, to focus and channel their energy into something constructive and productive. His lyrics are for young and old, female and male a universal language for all to enjoy.
‘Rastickz’s The EP’ is just a small sample of what he has got to offer the world. The rest is a surprise. At the moment Rastickz is working on an album by the name of ‘Positive Artist’ which is a variety of genres and styles for everyone such as Hip-Hop R&B, reggae and dancehall. This album will have a few collaborations with some unsigned artists giving a unique flavour to enhance the positive messages within my songs.  
Rastickz is also working on a mixtape entitled ‘Heightz it up”. Release dates coming soon.
Rastickz host’s  a monthly event with Street Vybz in Bradford, for more information contact me.  

Follow me on Twitter: @Rastickz
Facebook:  Tobias Rastickz
Reverbnation: Rastickz
For booking contact

Monday, 18 February 2013

As the pressure rises

Today I laughed so hard, my house felt like a home an extra clean ever fresh home filled with laughter and joy...

With one liners like this first let me set the scene.

12 yo in her bedroom singing at the top of her lungs, believe me I didn't know the song.

Enter 7 yo boy

"What's wrong k?" He says so sweetly as a concerned little brother does..
"Nothing why" she replies
"'Cos you sound like a cat" he responds face straight.

From that the running begins and even as I write I'm chuckling to myself. 

A couple hours later, I'm still chuckling and I begin the ritual of the social marketing for my clients and my weekly accounts.

Alls going well until I log into my account. Repeat purchases from amazon as I pick up the phone, take out my earrings, rub vaseline on my face,  ready to go to war go to war with the bank and amazon. I say to myself let me check the amazon account. I call both children in and ask did you buy anything on amazon.

"No mum" 12 yo
"No mum just the free games" 7 yo.

I get into the account check my orders I see 7 pages of in game purchases for simoleons, and sim bikini wear and more simoleons. Totalling £100.33

Even as I think about it I'm trying breathe.

Then the cussing begins. And as I type I ask the almighty father please give me strength. Because right now I cannot change the past but I ask you, please don't let that man the power to torment me  anymore. Why him? Because he bought the kindle fire for this boy in the first place. How did the child override the parental controls? Only god knows he has be banging my head thinking did I leave unlocked. Called my mum  she says she witnessed me parent control lock it.

So anyway im breathing now real slow deep breaths.

I need to release this pressure in my head.... I go the fridge to get a bar of chocolate. .. then I remember damn i'm on this damn diet.

So I storm back up the stairs and here I am talking to u. Wow who would guess I can release by talking to u.

Right now back to my meditation tomorrow I have research to do.

Telly adicts

Those that know me know I'm a bookworm always got a book close to my hand. They also know if you turn on the tv 9 times out of 10 I'm likely to be asleep with 5 mins. I use books to escape from the reality or to get a deeper understanding of people and the world around us.

Recently over the past year I've started to watch shows some of them reality others are entertainment.

And there's one that has caught my eye. Her majesty's service Aylsebury. A documentary series about life in the Britain's young offenders institutions. 

Ive watched a couple episodes and have formed the opinion that as much as the makers in some ways are trying to make it seem like a deterrent for young people, to possibly show them that crime doesn't pay. Its the opposite.

To me all its doing is

a)hyping prison life "only the tough survive and survival of the fittest to gain more street cred for your crew"

b) a majority of the videos they have shown, of the fights, are of the young black boys locked up in there

C) that alot of the boys in prison should really have spent more time getting knowledge and an education than trying to be tough.

D) the youth of today truly are a lost generation, they are misguided,  probably lacking in love and support and need to use the brains that they have to better themselves

E ) there was one black boy that was built like a brick, had a brain like a brick. Like really? If that was my son or brother on the tv speaking and behaving in such a manner I would give him too licks with the dutch pot. I would truly be ashamed because he sounds illiterate, his communication of the way he would behave is disgusting. Although they didn't show him doing any of the things he mentioned, for all we know he could just be trying to hype himself. Of the whole first hour I watched this, he saddened me, I pitied him, and felt appalled all in the same breath.

Come on black boy fix up. Our ancestors are rolling in their graves thinking they fought for us, they gave us knowledge and power beyond the crack and the guns, the hatred and the lack of strength, the gave us community love and family upbringing amongst other things.

It saddens me to know that this boy, and so many of our boys are living up to the stereotype of what the media portrays us, black nubians to be. ANIMALS!

In this day and age our youth and children need to gain knowledge in order to respect themselves.  To gain understanding of who they are and where they came from in order to make the right decisions to protect our future.

Is there really any need for us to continue to desecrate and destroy what little unity we have? Should we not by now be able to stand together to build our nation? Strengthen our children with love, support, education. Should we not be able to break the shackles of hate amongst our own?

I wonder if its because the elders are dying, without handing down our ancestors knowledge of medicine, craft, love and life?

Is it because children are having children? Even as I ask that question, I don't know about that one! When we go back in time and check our family trees our elders were having children young.  The difference is they had family support,  the community raised the child.

Is it a case of "spare the rod, spoil the child" when the government made it difficult for parents to discipline their children without fear or recompense from the autorities of government?

Is it because their are too many single parent homes?

The lack of respect, morals, and so many other thing is being lost.

Even the Street Code has been lost. These youth are out for death, with no respect.  The moral code of respecting even if you dont like but respect was there. Now its every man for himself.

It saddens me. Im truly at a loss for words, can there be enough action to flip the coin and save a generation that's wiping out itself?