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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

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Triple Infinity Creations presents 2 Sides 2 the Story by C.C.Downer & A.Locker

If you read my blog on 22nd November you must have read the sneak peak from my release "2 Sides 2 the Story" - soon to be released under Triple Infinity Creations. Can I say excited! YEA BABY!! 

I thought I would give you another peak at the moment I'm contemplating giving you some more of Tracy's story ..... hmmm .... yea I think I should :)  Since I'm in a sharing mood let me give you the entire 1st chapter.... how does that sound folks?? 

Happy reading.....

Story 1: Tracy & Antoine


“Hey Tracy” Adding some bass to my already baritone, I laid the seduction on through the phone. “Hey Boo! What's good?” “Nothing just sitting here and thought I’d give you a bell.” Guys, you know we always have to make these ladies feel special. When really I was kicking back on my own, boredom had got the best of me. Tracy was probably the fifth or sixth girl I had called today. All my links were busy.  “That's nice of you!” Tracy replied I could hear the smile in her voice. “What you doing later?” “Nothing!” she said excitedly “You fancy coming down?” Picturing her eyes lighting up I thought of her full lips on my manhood. “Ok cool!” “See you about 9.30”. Just like that the conversation ended.
‘Tracy, Tracy, Tracy….Wow I'm in troubleeee. I enjoy fucking Tracy but damn I struggle to keep up with her, plus she talked too much and was trying to catch feelings. ‘Come on Antoine, you know you can handle her.’ I said to myself as I paced up and down the length of my penthouse preparing for what I knew was going to be a long night. ‘Fuck it! I'm gonna do me, if she ain't happy after, she can fuck off. I got many more numbers to ring’.
Picking up the magazine that had been delivered this morning, I read the article about my portfolio. “Professional Athlete, 6’1, with a lean chiselled muscular frame. His intense smoky green eyes will strip you of all inhibitions. Guess what ladies he’s single….” Laughter erupted from deep within my chest as I remembered the journalist, and the way she was ready to pounce on me. The pictures to go with the caption were a face shot, a picture of me in a crisp white suit and the centrefold being a portrait of my naked profile from the back exposing my most recent ink, angel wings.  Reclining on the couch remote in hand I flipped on the recording of my most recent track meet, studying and preparing for my next performance.  

Two hours later…..
Buzz, buzz! The intercom system rang, “Hello?” “Mr Greene, there’s a lady by the name of Tracy here to see you” “Thanks Diana, send her up” disconnecting the call I looked in the hall mirror and inspected my appearance. I was wearing a grey fitted shirt, with a dark grey pair of Armani jeans, my bare feet freshly creamed exposing my neat manicured toes, my bald dome shiny, a final squirt of Invictus aftershave, I smiled at myself. ‘Looking good Toine, looking good’   Tracy knocked once before she realised the front door was open. “Hey you, looking good as usual,” Tracy complimented, as she stepped in wearing a red knee length mac, a pair of red thigh high boots. “Thanks babes” I smiled, kissing her on the cheek, my imagination running wild, I couldn’t wait to see what she wasn’t wearing underneath her jacket.
I escorted her into the spare room. Don’t shake your head and keep your comments to yourself. The only reason she was even in the penthouse is because I was feeling too lazy to leave the house. Sheeeeit not everyone gets to enter the playroom where all the magic happens.
We sat on the edge of the bed. “Fancy a drink?” I asked “Sure” “What do you fancy?” With a seductive look and a pout of her lips she replied “’Toine juice!” Tracy is one horny female. I laughed as she dropped to her knees, releasing the zip and tugged my lengthening cock from the confinements of my jeans. Her wet lips swallowed me whole taking me straight to the back of her throat.
“Damn Tracy, easy you’re gonna make me cum.” I groaned fighting the urge as my eyes rolled back in my head. “No you won't” Tracy said as she continued to work her magic on my pulsating wood. Her deep throat action was second to none. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I felt those first waves of spunk creeping up my dick.  “Aww aww aww shitttttttt!” Unable to hold it back anymore I watched my spunk shoot out all over her face.
I know, I know, what can I say I needed to bust my load and the way her lips worked, it really was an A* for technique and style.
“You gonna fuck me now babe?” Tracy asked, too calmly, the look on her face looked like she was struggling to maintain her niceness. “Yes babes, just let me get my energy back”. The look on Tracy's face was scary; she looked like she wanted to rip me another ass hole. She sat on the edge of the bed, stroking her cunt. My eyelids were heavy; I tried to watch as I lay my head on the pillow with a smile of contentment on my face. However that release of weight was like a drug.  
I felt Tracy undo the buttons on my shirt, the warmth of her naked flesh on my chest, she ran her tongue up and down my washboard abs. “Babe don't tell me you’re fucking snoring?” Tracy shouted. “No! Don’t be stupid just resting my eyes.” I replied half opening one eye and looked at her. Little did she know I was out for the count and had no intentions of rising anytime soon! The last thing I remembered was the sound of the front door slamming shut and Tracy telling me to delete her number. “Fuck you” I said to the empty apartment. “There are so many willing to take your place. So many more where you came from,” I slurred as I passed out

"Hey Max, girl you'd never believe who just called me?" I was so excited "David, Mark?" Maxine quizzed me, jumping on my excitement "Nah Hun, Antoine!" "Antoine? …..Wow" disbelief twanged her voice "Yea thick dick, green eyed Antoine! You know the one with the body that will make your mama sing" I chuckled "Oh yea." She replied "So anyway, he's like you wanna come over? I’m like fuck it yea I’m on my way. Last time we fucked it wasn't too bad, he’s an early racer, but the ride was tight. So after a hot soak, fresh nail polish on my toes, I fixed my hair and got dressed. I put on my red mac and fuck me boots.” “Oh shit you went in” she chuckled “It’s been a while since I had felt a thick dick, my body was in desperate need of some.”  I explained, I walked into my kitchen and poured myself a glass of Pinot.
“Two hours later, I’m knocking on his door. His eyes practically popped out his head.” “Oh yea” Maxine snickered. “He tried to play it cool. I backed his ass up, dropped his pants. That thick head was bobbing and weaving.” I paused for effect and imitated Antoine’s actions.  “Ummp ummmp ummmm. Damn girl, it’s been a while stop teasing me, what happened next?” I fought to keep the laughter out of my voice. “So I’m giving him a BJ ... less than 5 minutes later...” “No T, don’t tell me!” “Girl, he’s bitching and yelling awww awww shit I'm cumming! He hit that falsetto!” No longer able to maintain my composure I fell out in hysterics.

 “I’m like WHAT THE FUCK! Ahh hell nah! You best hold that shit back. Girl one more lick and he was done. Straight shooting that load all over his stomach!" I was laughing so hard my sides were hurting. 

“Whaaaaaaaaaat! HAHAHAHA, T you gotta be kidding me. There is no way, Mr Superstar athlete is a minute man?" "Girl, that’s not even the worst of it. I let that slide for a couple minutes. I look over at him, the man's out cold snoring like the orient express. Shit I hadn’t even got undressed. I picked up my purse. Told his ass to delete my number and slammed that fucking door." Shaking my head at the memory of Mr Antoine ‘I’m a super star athlete’ Greene. “Maxine, I was so mad, all now my vjayjay is on fire” My sides are hurting from laughing so hard. Maxine had tears streaking down her face “Girl these pretty faces, smooth talking limp dick dudes are too busy faking it to make it.” “Then they wonder why we ladies are resorting to battery operated toys.” “Hi-Five” We clapped our hands high in the air. I walked over to the entertainment unit, turned up the volume and started dancing. Maxine caught on and we danced till the wine was finished and the music had us exhausted. 

Well folks what did you think? Would you like more? All feedback would be appreciated whether you liked it or not I'm really open to it. 

Look out for another sneak peak coming soon together with the release dates.