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Friday, 15 February 2013


A Snippet from my mind....


Can't write sleep can't focus on anything deep.
Every night for a week, I lay here awake wondering what's happening to me. Days are nights, nights are days I guess I'll just have to appraise gotta get it under control, the lack of sleep is damaging my soul.
Nights alone, what's going on? It didn't used to bother me now I'm lost feeling lonely. Had five days arms wrapped around my teddy bear, my king, my snake. Its hit me kinda late, got me feeling so sad. One day it will come when I'm not so alone.
Playing with my toys just isn't the same, doesn’t make me feel like I'm in the game. Normally serves the knock out blow. Can't handle this for much longer. Need to fill this vapor.
Dear God, Do me a favor? I ask for things to come together. Help me make this paper. Motivation confidence enable me to be a success as a mother, as a woman as a provider. Let me clear my debts pave my way in this journey on the path the direction you have planned for me. I try with all my might to help those around me. I know everything takes time, so I will be patient.
My faith in you will not falter, my hope within will remain alive. Is this path right for me? Lead me to the path you feel I will be great in. Let me make my babies proud, my parents and my friends.
Thank you for my life. 


(c) 2011 C.C. Downer

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