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Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Light

I fell asleep last night,
I saw the light.
Shining bright
What a sight
I felt the glow
As I breathed real slow
A voice said to me
"Child of mine! Are you ok?"
I sighed before I cried
"I am truly blessed but
Deep inside I feel unrest
I need help to settle this turmoil so I ask you please
Let me breathe with ease."
"Child do sit and rest
Let me handle the stress"

As I sat I felt the warmth fill me from inside out
The storm within fizzled out
I began to scream and shout
"I have felt the power of peace and calm, please travel through my loved ones and shower them with your love and light.
Please bless them with your eternal grace, lace them with what they need, and take away that greed.
As gratitude I give you me
And all my faith is a reality.
I know it's done in your time not mine
So everyday I will shine"

"Child don't worry as long as you remember me in all your activity, there is no room for negativity.
You are protected"

I raised my hands as I cried
"Sometimes I know I have neglected
And done whats not expected,
I'm sorry if I've disrespected,
No harm was intended"

"Be still child,
I feel your heart,
Let go of the burdens
Learn your lessons
For free will is the ultimate choice
You have learnt many things on this journey
There is still more to come
Don't worry I am here with you
Just know your value."

I woke up and had to share, family do not spare
Life may not be easy
Over come the challenges
Know that we are protected as children of the light
Everything is within sight
Be blessed with a day better than yesterday,
Let today's actions be stepping stone for more greatness tomorrow.

Love peace and light
C.C. and the Royals
(Aka We 3)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

LUIE magazine Loving U Is Essential launching soon

Peace and Blessings one and all.

I have been truly blessed and given the opportunity to write for a new magazine and media company called LUIE an online experience for people of colour, which will be launching in the very near future to begin the process the facebook page has been set up. 

Click the link, like the page and prepare for the fresh and new experience. Sign up to be kept in the loop for LUIE boxes and tips, dedicated to our melinated people.  Share this broadcast with your friends and family.!/LovingUIsEssential?ref=m_notif&notif_t=like&__user=711012342

Peace and light... look out for my next bc very soon with the website link to this hot new magazine. 

One love
C.C. Downer
Creative Journalist for LUIE

Grass is greener

Sometimes the grass looks so green from across the motorway.
So lush and thick.
It calls for your attention it even smells divine.
So you pluck up the courage
To dodge traffic,
One thought,  tunnel vision
navigating amongst the oncoming traffic

Oh my mind the semi its coming hard down the middle
Quick run get to the central reservation
The air fragranced by the rich scent of nature leading me don't despair

Not far to go just 3 lanes
Im not going to choke,
can't trip or fall
gotta go straight
take a deep breath
psyche up that extra courage
One two three let's go...

To be continued

What is love?

They say when you love someone its not supposed to hurt.
They say when you love someone nothing else matters. 
They say if you love someone enough and they love you let them go and they will come back.
They say its better to have loved and lost rather than never having loved at all.
They say love doesn't come easy
They say love comes freely
They say love should be easy
They say love doesn't cheat
They say love is respectful and kind

How much of that is true?

For those of you with that special someone in your life that loves you dearly, respects you passionately and holds you close when the world comes crashing in. Enjoy appreciate and experience the variance of love.