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Saturday, 23 November 2013

2 Sides 2 da Story - a C.C & DreamWave Collaboration

As many of you know I am in the processing of releasing my work to the world.

Finally I've completed 2 Sides 2 da Story - Phase 2

Phase 3 is to get the cover printed and final edits/proof reading hopefully both of which will be completed by 1 December 2013 ready to be submitted to Amazon & Nook as an ebook. The first couple hundred copies will be released FREE of Charge so make sure you get your copy first.

In the meantime here's a snippet from the book of short stories. HAPPY READING

I sat listening to some slow jams, the room lit with candles; the ambiance had my body yearning for some attention. I’d been playing with myself for nearly an hour but just couldn't get satisfied. My phone vibrated the picture of a big dick flashed up, Ice Cube's ‘You can do it’ began playing. Smiling I left the phone to ring. Jumping in the shower with thoughts of the fun I was about to have. Once I was out the shower moisturised my hot sensitive skin with some coconut oil, dabbed Hugo Boss on my delicate areas. Now I can return Mr Big Dick back. Oblivious to most of the conversation all I heard were the most important words “I’m on my way”. I prepared the room for the evening’s entertainment. Sending his photo in a message to my girl-friend with the message simply put “11”. We had a special code for situations like this and I knew she would understand.
Within minutes the door was knocking. The sounds of confident footsteps climbing the stairs travelled to my play room. The doorway filled with 200lbs of solid caramel muscle, I couldn’t help but smile. I eyed Mr Big Dick, aka Mark, as his confident grin exposed his dimples I took my big nipple in my mouth and licked it like a lollipop my eyes never leaving his. A cough jerked my attention away from him, stepping into the room, allowing me to see behind him. My instant assessment of them was strong, medium, weak. Especially the one they called Mervyn. There’s no way that niggas ready for me. He lacked any form of strength, his disposition seemed that of an inexperienced boy in a grown man’s body. I walked naked across the room to Mark, pulled him by his shirt collar and led him to the bed, allowing them to enjoy my big ass as it jiggled with each step. I crawled onto bed, twerking my booty as I went along. I heard the collective gasp as I dropped into a full split and clapped my ass cheek.

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