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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Biblical Law vs Government Law?

I have a few things going through my mind. Governmental Law or Biblical Law?

Law by definition "A system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior"
Rule of Law by definition is "The supremacy of regular power as opposed to arbitrary power" - Blacks Law Dictionary, 9th Edition.
Divine Law by definition is "Any law that, according to religious belief, comes directly from the will of God in contrast to man-made law  . Like natural law (which may be seen as a manifestation of divine law) it is independent of the will of man, who cannot change it. However it may be revealed or not, so it may change in human perception in time through new revelation. Divine law is eternal law, meaning that since God is infinite, then his law must also be infinite and eternal"

 I am using two of the most popular holy books as an example.

First of all lets look at what these Laws are.

God's law according to the Bible and the Qur'an

Although the Bible and Qur'an is full of principles and laws the most fundamental being found in The 10 Commandments. Most of us will remember the most common one's which governmental Law see as a form of Crime. " Thou shall not Steal, Kill, Commit Adultery, Bear false witness against your neighbor." All of which are punishable in the Court of Law. As are they punishable by God.

Others such as Thou shall have no other gods before me. - Although World leaders and, Crime leaders too, do not profess to be God they expect you to hold them in similar regard. They want you to fear them, respect them and when they say jump you in turn must say how high otherwise they will punish you. It is not in their power to give life, but they sure do take life. Pause that thought Even bosses in companies say the same thing. The only difference is the boss can't take your life but, he can change your life. It's all apart of the hierarchy system. Play So as I was saying. Do these people think they are above the law? They may be able to pay through the back door, to avoid punishment. How will they be dealt with in in Biblical law? Can they buy their way out? "Here G take 50 on the back and let that body fall through the crack." 

If you take a look at today's society you see death; poverty and destruction; major segregation between the classes and the people. Can we say this is because of the government's laws and decision making? Would life be better living under Biblical law? 

I have several questions which I would enjoy a healthy debate of views. Tell me what your thoughts are to the following questions. 
I am putting a disclaimer right here, right now, that these are just objective questions of which I do not accept responsibility for any opinions or arguments that people may have when posting their comments.
Figuratively speaking I am simply raising questions that may or may not have been asked before. Some of you may have even had these questions yourselves.  

   I asked a group of people the following questions and these are some of their answers .... 

Everyday each country is controlled by the Prime Minister/President (male or female) and his fleet of cabinet officers and he or she gives orders of how we can eat sleep or breathe or face being punished, some even facing execution.

All day I have been thinking how can one man get away with having so much power?

Corruption - Meaning that it's like a set of mafias, they intend to control the world and assume that what they say should go. It's basically world power. 

Well it kinda depends on the situation in a proper democracy he's elected to do so against outsiders that threaten the cause/operation/country. Other than that fear and power. 

Egotistical mentality


Arrogance and no understanding of the laws of the universe

Power influence arrogance ambitions or might. Take your pick.

How can he and his little army terrorize and have up to millions running in fear for their lives?

Because the consequences are crucial if the civilians lose and the people have been brain-washed and intimidated by what could happen and plus the army have all these high powered weapons.

Because the actions of fighting back will be seen as an act of treason, or the actions used to fight back at a time suited to the people may be criminal

Beacuase they are complacent and use to their comforts. It has become a way of life. People back then that voted for this were more involved with politics.

Many things plus if your ruled by your lower nature, its never good. Again those in power have a little more knowledge. So they manipulate the masses, the masses don't know their power so instead they allow themselves to be controlled without even knowing. 

Under developed, out resourced, lack of funds; no ability.

If the world we lived in was governed by Bibical Law or Governmental Law which would make the world a better place?  

Bibical Law: Because the government use their powers to humiliate individuals and then pretend they want this world to be happy and crime free. 

None - Natural Law - we reside in nature.. this law is always there whether we think it is or not. Go back to nature.

Governmental Law - because biblical law infringes on other people's belief. What if I'm not religious? Will I be damned as a result?Will they force me to conform or label me as an atheist and murder me as a result? No thanks. People can get pretty nutty behind religion. There's no true freedom. 

Neither - because the bibical law must up lift people, uplifted people rule. But if you haven't elevated yourself things will go wrong. But if our lower nature is stronger we deal with things in the interest of our lower nature. Are you suggesting that uplifted people should take control of the world instead of the government or God? We are vessels of God. We are made in the true likeness of God. Yes our essential state is the image of God.

Biblical Law is harsh. Muslims leave the middle east to worship in other countries. Shit is real. LOL. Christian bibles are just as hard in law. Government law is flawed but you have a chance to get away. I can't say with certainty the US is a nation founded on spiritual concept a bible based nation.

If we reside within natural law why can the people not make their own choices? 
They can, the programmed mind thinks it hasn't got a choice. Power of thought will go where it thinks.

What do you think will make the world a better place? How can it be achieved?

People seeing what is for themselves. With love and patience and understanding.

What is the difference to be under the thumb of God or under the thumb of the ruler of the country? Do they both invoke fear, laws and punishments? Are there not consequences for all actions? 

Yes but the lord is preaching for equal rights and justice while mankind is all about 'Power, Weath and Superiority. 

You can't touch the thumb of God, s really what's the worse that can happen, whereas North Korean guys can wipe us all out. If you believe in it, the thumb of God is worse because that's moving towards death. 

With the Government you can change things. Religion is unyielding. And they would say, "it has been written"  

Each facet of the law has been handed down by man and enforced by man. The bible was the source of correct knowledge for pagan and lawless people. According to the highest degree of enlightenment those teachings and laws were put in place for unlearned savages who ate raw meat, sexed mothers and aunts, killed baby girls and shit like that.
Is it really just and equal rights when there are words such as "I am a jealous God" and people must only worship him otherwise suffer the consequences, if you don't follow my commandments I will punish you.

He basically means among mankind, he deserves the respect because he created us, e.g. 'parents and their offspring'

It's an order, a warning to not do something or else. Jealousy is a sin so it makes things weird. They say you have free will but if you use it you'll be damned basically its a catch 22.

Another question if the world were to be ruled under Bibical law with so many denominations fighting to be the chosen one which would be the right one?

" If the world were were truly under bibical standards there would be no fighting. " 

I'm honestly not religious and as I learn more i rally do not hold much weight into it. I think religion came about as a means to control and define life. There is a higher power but don't know what it really is.

In Christianity: If it were meant to be that way when the world was flooded and cleared of all its inhabitants except Noah and his ark, after the mess that was created the first time, why did God not make the world like under Biblical Leadership fully wholly and solely, when he had the opportunity. It was a fresh start? Or is that what is going to happen the next time around? 

Satan raised the claim that God didn't have the right to rule, that humans can rule themselves, and that humans only serve God for personal interest. If God wiped out all humans from the start it wouldn't prove Satan wrong and could also seem to the other angels that maybe Satan had a point. God has now allowed sufficient time to prove that humans can not rule themselves. So when destruction does come, no one can make that claim again as the issue would now be solved. 

- When I read that in layman's turns is God proving a point against his nemesis - like two kids in a school yard "I can do it better than you?" or "I told you so, I knew you didn't know what you were doing?"

He's resolving an issue of universal rulership.

Is each country really ruled by it's Independent Leadership or is it Governed by the few that attend the major summits each year?

What really goes on behind closed doors when the world leaders meet?
Are there any countries in the world living under bibical law or as close to it as possible?
Not countries but people. Have you ever heard of the Quakers? People whose belief system is based on the fundamental principles of the bible. They live off the land, are humble and keep things basic with minimal outside connection/communication. They don't have mobile(cell) phone, internet or tv. They are minimalists. I wonder what life would be like for them? I will investigate in part 2.

As this blog is getting longer look out for part 2 and we shall investigate further. Have a great weekend what's left of it. Signora  


  1. Bless people I would like to put a point of view 1st things 1st I would like you to get a bible and look at the laws in leviticus and put them up against the laws of man and you will see that the law of man leave us open to all kinds of mistakes from eating habits to ways of living in a biblical state aids would not exsest like a lepa you would be put out of camp with all the rest of the lepas as so not to infect the rest of the people every man would find his wife and that would be for life there are many laws and yes the book was and is used for control but I thing we as people need guide lines hardline punishment like being put to deaf also would keep people in line

  2. First off we need to get away from the play on words which are these languages... As for laws, from what I've realised in this consciousness at this time in this place. When in nature what rules is divine law ( natural and her counterparts' laws) that is to say eternal law rules eternally (ever-y-where with relevancy in mind), whether we want to be-living in that or not. Yes the power of thought is key, we are all hardwired with these laws. ALL LIFE if man's law (which bytheway bilical law comes) coincides with eternal law then great if not, by law of reason 'cause and effect' takes place (1 of the many laws of eternity) ... at the end and beginning of the day only u can say as it is your journey, ironically we are all on ours at the same time in many different places within the time verses. So the question remains who can judge you when the creator of everything known and unknown ( which from what I've realised, is eveything known and unknown) doesnt judge u. Dont stop questioning tho, please do so constructively when ignorance exists.


  3. As cause and effect always takes place in this place as it is a fundamental law... hence why the question who can judge you on your journey when the creator of ever-y-thing doesn't...