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Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Mother's Fight

Tryin not to stress, tryin not to cry,  I ask myself why? So easy for people to say Don't worry I feel your pain Do you? Do you really? I try with all my might,  to look at things in a positive light.   Its not so simple There's people in worse situations Yes I know that But their problems are only for them to bear.   As I look at my baby Tears in his ears, Tubes from his hands, now to his toes He cries out, 'it stings, it burns, your hurting me" There's nothing I can do to take his pain away. 4 days we've been here Great ormond streets the best No we really are putting them to the test. With frustration, fear and anger, he screams punches and kicks. Part of me wants to give him two licks. I know its not his fault So I sit here and lock myself in a vault.   Its too much for me right now Watching him go thru this I know he's getting better I can see the difference already Its all about baby steps.   Home on monday The dr says, great thanks I can't wait. Then it dawns on me, He's still scratching out his skin Until he makes it bleed Grinding his teeth, I can hear them squeak There's not much we can do about that they say If we can get his eczema better he'll be ok.   I try with all my might, I say a prayer asking god Give me the strength to fight.   Its so easy to say I'm alright When deep down inside I'm thinking where am I? The keys in my pocket Too scared to put them in the ignition I feel like driving far, far away I can't do that my baby needs me   A single tear falls from my eye As I realise I better go back inside Back to reality back to pretending everythings alright. Can I really cope? I feel like a joke  

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