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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Scream Tuesday

Scream Tuesday!!

Today I just feel like screaming,
In fact no doubt I think I will
Today I just feel like screaming
Even if its against my will
Today I feel like screaming
Then shouting and just letting it all out
Then I'm going to get on my knees

Dear lord as I kneel here humbly on my jelly legs, i thank you for my blessings big and small. I thank you for giving me air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. However right now I feel that feeling deep in the depth of my soul, so i'm here, im really here asking you,  praying for inner peace, clarity strength and the ability to achieve understanding of my current situation, of my future and letting go of all my past. I am a sinner have done so many wrongs but I ask you to forgive me as I humbly kneel before you, my almighty father to take away my problems as I hand them to you. I know there is nothing you can't do.

I ask you my almighty father to guide me, give me confidence in my actions and my words.

I also ask you to give my family,  friends and those I have yet to meet the strength the health and clarity to handle what is before them, behind them and all that they have to deal with.

With love in my heart and a head full of stress and pain I embrace you from within.


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