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Monday, 18 February 2013

Telly adicts

Those that know me know I'm a bookworm always got a book close to my hand. They also know if you turn on the tv 9 times out of 10 I'm likely to be asleep with 5 mins. I use books to escape from the reality or to get a deeper understanding of people and the world around us.

Recently over the past year I've started to watch shows some of them reality others are entertainment.

And there's one that has caught my eye. Her majesty's service Aylsebury. A documentary series about life in the Britain's young offenders institutions. 

Ive watched a couple episodes and have formed the opinion that as much as the makers in some ways are trying to make it seem like a deterrent for young people, to possibly show them that crime doesn't pay. Its the opposite.

To me all its doing is

a)hyping prison life "only the tough survive and survival of the fittest to gain more street cred for your crew"

b) a majority of the videos they have shown, of the fights, are of the young black boys locked up in there

C) that alot of the boys in prison should really have spent more time getting knowledge and an education than trying to be tough.

D) the youth of today truly are a lost generation, they are misguided,  probably lacking in love and support and need to use the brains that they have to better themselves

E ) there was one black boy that was built like a brick, had a brain like a brick. Like really? If that was my son or brother on the tv speaking and behaving in such a manner I would give him too licks with the dutch pot. I would truly be ashamed because he sounds illiterate, his communication of the way he would behave is disgusting. Although they didn't show him doing any of the things he mentioned, for all we know he could just be trying to hype himself. Of the whole first hour I watched this, he saddened me, I pitied him, and felt appalled all in the same breath.

Come on black boy fix up. Our ancestors are rolling in their graves thinking they fought for us, they gave us knowledge and power beyond the crack and the guns, the hatred and the lack of strength, the gave us community love and family upbringing amongst other things.

It saddens me to know that this boy, and so many of our boys are living up to the stereotype of what the media portrays us, black nubians to be. ANIMALS!

In this day and age our youth and children need to gain knowledge in order to respect themselves.  To gain understanding of who they are and where they came from in order to make the right decisions to protect our future.

Is there really any need for us to continue to desecrate and destroy what little unity we have? Should we not by now be able to stand together to build our nation? Strengthen our children with love, support, education. Should we not be able to break the shackles of hate amongst our own?

I wonder if its because the elders are dying, without handing down our ancestors knowledge of medicine, craft, love and life?

Is it because children are having children? Even as I ask that question, I don't know about that one! When we go back in time and check our family trees our elders were having children young.  The difference is they had family support,  the community raised the child.

Is it a case of "spare the rod, spoil the child" when the government made it difficult for parents to discipline their children without fear or recompense from the autorities of government?

Is it because their are too many single parent homes?

The lack of respect, morals, and so many other thing is being lost.

Even the Street Code has been lost. These youth are out for death, with no respect.  The moral code of respecting even if you dont like but respect was there. Now its every man for himself.

It saddens me. Im truly at a loss for words, can there be enough action to flip the coin and save a generation that's wiping out itself?

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