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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Good day,

Reflect on the past, accept acknowldge, forgive and appreciate it. Look to the future, prepare for it, encourage and learn from it. Enjoy the present for the past has gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

So love and respect thy self before you look to anyone to do so. Forgive thyself for all the mistakes,  lack of judgement and abuse thy have put thyself through. Accept responsibility for allowing others to not treat thyself the way thyself should be treated.

Remeber if we do not treat thyself right how can we expect others to treat thy right?

So as I lay with my princess in my arms we send our love to everyone in our world. We also ask the Almighty Most High to send his angels to watch, guide and protect us in the Light of Blessings to heal thy wounds and thy minds and shine his light on our spirits. May your days be forever blessed.

Peace love and blessings
Cc and Kai

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