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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Triple Infinity Creations presents 2 Sides 2 the Story by C.C.Downer & A.M.Locker

Good day beautiful people,

It’s May and the sun has been shining over the London area, it seems like winter has finally released its grasps over the UK. Thank God for that!

Well those of you that know me are well aware of the my release of my literary debut 2 Sides 2 the Story, written by myself C.C.Downer and my co-author A.M.Locker, it was released at long last on April 8th 2014 exclusively to Amazon Kindle for the next 60 days after which it will be available on all ebook platforms.
For those of you that have a love for real books, the touch of paper we are happy to announce that the paperback versions will be available from all major book distributors from the 17 May 2014. Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Are you in need of some night entertainment, for all who use here is the link to 2 Sides 2 the story, by C.C.Downer & A.M Locker, this book is hot, and from what I'm hearing have ladies calling their man and begging them to come home. Guys are going through their black books looking for someone to be their "Tracey". Find out what all the buzz is about and click the 1-click and leave a review. #2Sides2theStory #AmazonKindle #fun&frolics #newauthors

2 SIDES 2 THE STORY is a series of short stories introducing you to male and female views of erotic escapades.

Meet the women who speak their minds, act out their desires, and command attention without inhibitions, restrictions, or reservations especially when it comes to their insatiable appetites.

Become familiar with the men who stimulate, fascinate, and tolerate these women. Men who are cocky conceited, and exceptionally arrogant when it comes to pleasing themselves and the women they want.

Do these people know what they are getting themselves into? Find out by getting into the minds of this group of people who give their own opinion to these encounters.

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