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Thursday, 15 January 2015

C.C's Thought of the day (#Totd )

Good morning my lovelies,
It's currently 3 am on a blustery winters night/morning here in London.
After just a few hours sleep, which I will no doubt regret in the morning. However my brain has kicked into gear, as I lay with my eyes closed I started processing.  Sooooo what better thing to do then to relieve myself of some of this Mental Pressure and get some writing done.
Have you ever noticed that lessons are not always learned the first time, and will repeatedly try and test you until you actually do learn them. Whether you are doing something Selflessly or Selfishly there is a lesson to be learned.
Take a look at my picture and tell me whether you agree or disagree, at the bottom of the screen. 
I am in the process of raising my two beautiful children; My Royals, and I believe this is a very valuable lesson. Especially when looked at from a reflective point of view.
I understand everyone deserves a chance, although you have to ask how many chances do they really deserve?

A person decides they want to sit their driving test (I passed on my 3rd attempt). Now  the first attempt they didn't practice and knew there was plenty of room for error based on this reason. On the second attempt they studied a little more but honestly could have done better but thought they would stand a better chance. Once again they failed because they didn't put enough effort in. On the third attempt they studied, practiced and put in 100% effort, therefore they knew they deserved to pass, with that they definitely did.
Moral of the story: You get out what you put in.
Another example
There are two people in a relationship: one of them puts in 75% effort, 100% of the time. The other puts in 100% effort, 75% of the time. Does that balance out? Who is to blame for the downfall of the relationship?
Moral of the story: the relationship wouldn't fail if they both put in 100% effort, 100% of the time.
Another example: 
A man gets stopped for driving under the influence. The first time he receives a 6 month ban and a fine. The judge says I have been lenient on you, don't come back.
Less than a year after getting his licence back once again he is stopped for doing the same thing again. This time the judge says 18 month ban and a fine. Next time you will be sentenced to a vacation at her majesty's leisure.
However during the course of that ban the man is stopped again. The judge says you obviously haven't learned anything for my leniency and have a blatant disregard for the law you will receive a 1 year prison sentence and a 5 year driving ban.
Moral of the story: Stop drinking, learn and do not abuse the leniency of someone's chance they have given.
Finally one more example then I will wrap this up.
A man cheats on his wife, she finds out and he denies it. She gives him a second chance. Now a few months later  she finds out he's cheating again. Once again she takes him back. For the benefit of her family and how much she loves him. She disregards the disrespect he has for her and their family. She takes him back. She notices there's no change in his behaviour and it is making her miserable. She once again finds out he's cheating. Deep down inside she knows it's time to let go as he obviously has no respect and is taking for granted and  abusing her chances.
Now she used to complain to her close friend and realised to herself there is no point in crying since she is allowing herself to be abused.
She has 2 options walk away or lay down on the ground and continue to be a door mat. As chances are he will never change.
Moral of the story: Never allow another opportunity to an opportunist they will always take, use and abuse the person giving them a chance.
Some people may redeem themselves however If they haven't done so after the first chance, they are less likely to do so after the second or third. 
Anyhoo that's my thought of the day.
Have a beautiful, productive day. Reflect on what you are willing to accept. Look at the people in your life you may neglect and do not take for granted the second chance you may be given. Ultimately you will regret it in the long run as every action has a reaction .

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