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Monday, 12 January 2015

As the pressure rises

Today I laughed so hard, my house felt like a home an extra clean ever fresh home filled with laughter and joy...
With one liners like this first let me set the scene.
12 yo in her bedroom singing at the top of her lungs, believe me I didn't know the song.
Enter 7 yo boy
"What's wrong k?" He says so sweetly as a concerned little brother does..
"Nothing why" she replies
"'Cos you sound like a cat" he responds face straight.
From that the running begins and even as I write I'm chuckling to myself. 
A couple hours later, I'm still chuckling and I begin the ritual of the social marketing for my clients and my weekly accounts.
Alls going well until I log into my account. Repeat purchases from amazon as I pick up the phone, take out my earrings, rub vaseline on my face,  ready to go to war go to war with the bank and amazon. I say to myself let me check the amazon account. I call both children in and ask did you buy anything on amazon.
"No mum" 12 yo
"No mum just the free games" 7 yo.
I get into the account check my orders I see 7 pages of in game purchases for simoleons, and sim bikini wear and more simoleons. Totalling £100.33
Even as I think about it I'm trying breathe.
Then the cussing begins. And as I type I ask the almighty father please give me strength. Because right now I cannot change the past but I ask you, please don't let that man the power to torment me  anymore. Why him? Because he bought the kindle fire for this boy in the first place. How did the child override the parental controls? Only god knows he has be banging my head thinking did I leave unlocked. Called my mum  she says she witnessed me parent control lock it.
So anyway im breathing now real slow deep breaths.
I need to release this pressure in my head....

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