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Sunday, 17 April 2016

April Challenge two weeks in...

So its been two weeks since I started my April Challenge of saying Yes to myself and my Royals and what a two weeks it's been.
The first week was half term and the last week of the Easter school holidays.

I managed to keep my Royals real occupied and kept myself out of the house for the most part. YAY Me!

Cinema, swimming, dinner, quality time and family visits including getting my hair done, which was the best feeling ever, I hadn't got my hair done since the end of January so it was long overdue.
Yes very busy and although it got very painful I am proud to say I survived.

This week I've managed to do some reading 3 books in a week. I also managed to do some groceries, clothes shopping once again saying Yes to my Royals and cooked a couple of times. Pitfalls this week, lack of sleep and excessive pain. However, I managed to not resort to my Fentanyl patches for more than three days out of it. This is my last week of using the medication from here on out I have to just deal with the pain.

I promised a rundown blog on my health issues once I get out of my bath I will sit down and write one for you all.

Anyhoo, today being the day of rest and the weather being so nice I want to say these words to you.

"I pray for the brightness of your inner light to fulfil you with motivation, peace and love to find your passions and achieve your goals. Remember that we all need to take a time out from being pushed and pulled in all directions just to say Yes to ourselves." - CCDOWNER

Until next time -Peace and Light

C.C.Downer xxx

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