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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Triple Infinity Creations Presents 2 Sides 2 the Story

OMG everything is finally coming together. With the release of 2 Sides 2 the Story so close on the horizon I am getting very excited. I say this on behalf of AML and myself,  we thank you all for the support and the feedback that we have received thus far. 

Those of you that have been waiting so patiently with comments like "When's it coming out?" "Why don't I have my copy yet?" "Can you hurry up and get this book out there please" LOL I can honestly say within the next four weeks MAXIMUM you will have your hardcopy.

We are finalizing the last little things.... in all honesty I will be lucky if I have any hair left on my head, but it's coming..... It really is coming.

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Coming in February to an ebook or through the post very soon. The book will be available from Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Barnes & Noble, and many many more. We are going international with this book. From UK, to USA to the Caribbean, and all the way across the pacific to Australia

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